7 Tips To Market a Free Product Online

When looking to market a free product successfully, you will probably have to follow some wisdom that has been already time-tested and established as guiding principles. If you want to succeed in marketing a free product, you also have to know what to expect.  That only stands to reason, and the good news is that you can easily work around any difficulty and hit a bull's eye by sticking to the list of tips we have readily provided for you through our own trial and error.

1. Know Your Audience

Many marketers think they can take a product and just put it out there. Even the best product will flounder if it's not reaching its target audience. Therefore, you need a deeper connection and understanding of who you are targeting. To succeed, you will have to understand what the people who are most likely to choose your product are likely to look for. That is a difficult enough process on its own, but knowing how to start is a good start:

  • Do an Internet search for keywords
  • Check what products are available
  • Improve on competitors' products
  • Read negative feedback from users

You want to know what specific audiences you would be targeting and try to find a way to improve your product to differentiate it from the competition. Glancing through the negative feedback of other products is a good start.

2. Oversell the Right Amount

You do not want people to get disappointed with your product. Causing a stir only to lose it a few weeks or months after will reflect poorly on your future investment opportunities. You want to grow sustainably and prove to potential investors that "you have done it".  It's important to show progress and growth month-over-month and retain your customers and users even in bad times. This is how you market a project successfully.

3. Talk Like a Winner

Exude confidence. If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else would. You don't have to over-sell anything or believe too much in your success. However, you should make sure that your attitude is well-aligned with goals. Show confidence and embrace the opportunities that your project can create and provide consumers, but above all else, make sure you talk like a winner.

4. Free Isn't a Bad Thing

Use the fact that your product is free as strength. There are numerous great examples of how free products often prove to be most dependable and worthwhile. You do not have to pay for a good bit of fun.  Take, for example, online free play casinos. These gaming websites offer the full portfolios of games they have for free, but players still choose to pay real money to enjoy the experience in a new and exciting way. Casinos succeed because they target their audience smartly, which is precisely what you need to do to market a product well.

5. Take Setbacks as Opportunities to Grow

If you hit a marketing snag, you should not spend too much time figuring out whose fault it is. Assigning blame is energy wasted, and that is time wasted. Instead, you should seek how to move past the faux pas so that you and your entire team may prosper and reap the fruits of great marketing.

Whenever a setback hits, though, make sure that you also explore the positive aspects of it. Each setback allows you to grow, and you just need to find a workaround and embrace it on the spot.

6. Communicate with People

Do you want your marketing campaign to succeed? Fantastic, ask yourself what you need to do to see this through. One popular way is to makes sure you stay in touch with people. Communication is essential, and no matter what the issue you face, you would want to talk to people and reassure them that their praises and concerns are given equal weight and heard and seen by you and your teams. Projects that fail in marketing do so because of failure to communicate.

7. Troubleshoot and Solve Issues

One of the main reasons many projects fail is that product owners do not care about troubleshooting issues. They ignore problems that are not essential, which soon turns into an avalanche of criticism, dropping "poll numbers" and a withdrawal of existing customers. Solving issues is important, and you should consider this part of your marketing strategy at all times.


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